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Spring 2021 Advising and Registration

Hello Theater Undergraduates!
I hope you are all staying safe and healthy, and am sending all of you many, many good wishes. 
Registration for spring 2021 is currently on-going. Please read our info and consult our registration forms and checklist, and contact your advisor with questions.
All freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students are required to meet with their advisors to have the enrollment hold (RAC hold) lifted each semester. Your advisor is the person authorized to lift the automatic hold on your SPIRE account, allowing you to register for classes. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to meet with their advisors as well, though they do not need to do so in order to register for courses. 
All checklists and registration forms are available on this page; please scroll down for a list of links. The most up-to-date versions of the course schedules are posted below as well, and will be updated here and on SPIRE as changes occur. 
Please note that you will need to get an electronic signature from the instructor in order to sign up for their class, and that form, once filled out, needs to be emailed to me so I can enroll you.
If you have further questions, please feel free to email me. I’m happy to chat on Zoom if that is preferred, and can give out my Zoom link on request. 
Take care, and stay safe! 



Winter break: The building is currently locked, and we will reopen on Feb. 1 when the spring semester starts. Anyone conducting general department business, Bethany is available remotely during business hours at the email above. 


UMass Theater Spring 2021 info

  • REMOTE OR F2F? Most of our undergrad classes will again be Fully Remote. 9 undergrad classes will be Hybrid or F2F.
  • DRAMATURY CATEGORIES WAIVED. We are waiving our 4 Dramaturgy elective categories during the Pandemic. You still have to take three 300-level Dramaturgy courses to fulfill the Major. But you do not have to  take courses in 3 out of the 4 areas. In other words, you can take multiple courses in the same category. 
  • THEATER 110 ETC. For our crewing/production classes like Theater 110, 210, and 310, we have set up both Fully Remote and F2F options for you to enroll in, depending on your situation. The same goes for Theater 364, Stage Management.  
  • INTEGRATED EXPERIENCE.  If you need to take an Integrated Experience (IE) class to graduate, and you plan to be studying remotely, reach out to the professor even if the class is F2F. In many cases, the professor and the department will figure out a way for you to take the class remotely, even if it is listed as F2F on SPIRE.
  • SPRING PRODUCTIONS. Some of our Fall remote productions will continue into the spring, remotely.  Also, we will be presenting a “Rights/Rites of Spring” performance festival at the end of the spring semester. Some of these performances will be Fully Remote. Some will be outdoors & in-person, if they can be done safely. More info to come.
  • ASK YOUR PROFESSOR. Professors are tailoring their classes in very individual ways. Reach out to them if you have questions. If you are interested in a F2F or hybrid class, the professor can tell you how much in-person teaching they foresee. If you are interested in a Fully Remote class, the professor can tell you how much synchronous class-time they foresee.
  • SPIRE: If you see a discrepancy between our department schedules and SPIRE, please contact Harley, Bethany or Willow
  • Curious about classes that are new, or that have significant new elements to them? We've got a list, with descriptions.

Undergraduate Program Director Amy Altadonna:
Department Administrator Bethany Sherwood:


Registration Forms and Checklists