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Monuments of the Future

Individual Monument performances:​

Atlas — April 22, 7:15pm, concurrently with Invocation + Earth! on the Haigis Mall
Connection — April 23, 12pm, Campus Center Plinth 
Scribe — April 26, 12pm, Library Garden
Truth — April 27, 8pm, on the Campus Pond Island
Innovation — April 28, 7pm, outside the Mullins Center
Loss — April 29, 12pm, between Clark and Thatcher
Defiance — April 30, 11:30am, at the Campus Center stairs
May 2 (Finale) — 7:30pm, around the Campus Pond

All events are in-person, outdoors, following UMass COVID protocols. Preregistration required. 

Visit our Festival website for the full festival experience and information about how to access our events.


Co-conceived by Anya Klepikov and Rudy Ramirez
Devised by the ensemble of designers and performers
Direction - Rudy Ramirez
Visual design for Truth, Loss, Defiance, Innovation, and the Destructive Impulse - Anya Klepikov
Visual design for Communication, Memoriam, Sacrifice, and Death- Calypso Michelet
Lighting design - Xinyuan Li
Sound design - Eddie Pizzano

Seven beings rise up from the earth, Seven symbols move across a campus. Seven spokes on a wheel take us through the never-ending cycle of change. Monuments of the Future is an interactive installation and performance collaboration between theater artists across disciplines. Join them as they journey across our campus and reimagine what it means to create images designed to speak across time.