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An array of pink flamingo pool floats

An outdoor performance piece created by Anya Klepikov
Directed & choreographed by Rudy Ramirez
Production coordinated by Fleur Kuhta
September 17 at 2-4:30 pm
ILC/Blue Wall lawn (pond side of the Campus Center)
Free, no reservations necessary

Inspired by starling murmuration, this piece is a witty and much pinker version of the celestial phenomenon where a flock of starlings moves as one in response to environmental perturbations. There’s whimsy and delight to be found in dozens of participants, all sporting flamingo pool floats, performing coordinated movements, but there’s a thoughtful enquiry for audiences to ponder as they watch: are we humans capable of acting in concert for our evolutionary benefit?

Visit Anya's website HERE for more information about the conception of the piece.

These are the people who may or may not have appeared as flamingos for this event:
Shruti Agrawal, Jimin Ahn, Carolina Aragon, Robin Ball, Bill Barrington, Glenn Barrington, Betsy Barstow, Cati Bestard, Isabella Bonavita, Alisa Clements, Alexander Davis, Abigail Derick, Michael Donnelly, Darrell Earnest, Jonah Erdman, Star Foster, Copper Giloth, Solomon Hailemichael, Victoria Haskins, Allegra Haupt, Percival Hornak, Cameron Hoskins, Miloslava Hruba, Polina Kasyanova, Alla Katsnelson, Shea Kenny, Linda Kinney, Phyllis Labanowski, Ryan Lerner, Yokaira Lopez-Tifa, Aaron Mancaniello, Claudia Maurino, Nora McClellan, Solomon McKonly, Betsy McEneany, Edie Meidav, Damian Menezes, Dee Michel, Julie Nelson, Martina Nieswandt, Madison Nordberg, Stephen Peck, Lucia Peña, Michael Riccio, Ben Richter, Milou Rigollaud, Zoe Rivieccio, Sue Robertson, Iris Sowlat, Tay Streeter, Samuel Suarez Murias, Sarah Tonks, Torrey Trust, Ethan Tuttman, Phuc Vu, Suzanne Warner, Hannah Wertheim, Marco White

Hyena: Kaliska Wiley

Production Manager: Julie Fife
Assistant Production Manager: Madison VanDeurzen

Flamingo Logistics Support:
Anna-Maria Goossens, Anna Norcross, Wiley Kaliska, Katherine Lessin, Isaac MacArthur, Haley Raffaele 

Special Thanks to Brandon Hall and Harley Erdman

Made possible by the University of Massachusetts Amherst Faculty HFA Research Grant.

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