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COVEN-19, or, Magicks for Unprecedented Times

A cauldron with smoke billowing out, surrounded by symbols of witchcraft including cats, tarot cards, and herbs
Image created by Kat Johnson

Is the performance you would like to attend sold out? We will pose a link to a waitlist to admit people first come, first-serve, one hour before showtime on each night. TONIGHT'S WAITLIST

Produced by Maegan Clearwood, Percival Hornak, and Helen Rahman
2020 is on fire, and more than ever, we are being called upon to own our individual and collective powers, make meaning out of utter chaos, and manifest tangible, seismic change. In late October, when the veil between our world and the other is at its very thinnest, our Coven will perform a live, remote ritual for the community that addresses the grief and pain we are all experiencing — but also the potential for transformation in these strange times. The time is ripe for magick-making: join us.
Presented live online Oct. 29 and 31 at 7:30 pm and Oct. 30 at Midnight. 

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Explore the Coven

The company of COVEN-19 invites you to explore their Tumblr, which contains research and inspiration for their work:

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The Coven

Nicole Bates (she/her/hers) — music witch 
Alison Butts (she/her/hers) — mindfulness/stage management witch
Maegan Clearwood (she/her/hers) — sacred rage witch
Mahek Ghelani (she/her/hers) — breath witch 
Matthew Gover (he/him/his) — oration witch
Percival Hornak (he/him/his or they/them/theirs) — jamboard king/archival witch 
Katherine Johnson (she/her/hers) — illustration witch 
Jemma Kepner (she/her/hers) — latin spellmaker/social media witch 
Micki Kleinman (she/her/hers) — inquisitorial witch 
Helen Rahman (she/her/hers) — high priestess/poetry witch
Parker Traphagen (she/her/hers) — aesthetic witch 
Tory Vazquez (they/them/theirs) — hierophant

Carl Bridge 
Inspirit Crystals of Northampton @inspiritcrystals
Finn Lefevre 
Melissa Moschitto and The Anthropologists 
Penny Remsen

Kate Bush
Fat Feminist Witch
Dani Shapiro
Sharon Spence
Buffy St. Marie
FKA Twigs
Florence Welch
Britt A. Willis --

Production Manager — Julie Fife
Assistants to the Production Manager — Josh Glenn-Kayden and Rudy Ramirez
Public Relations Director/House Manager — Anna-Maria Goossens
Public Relations Intern — Sofia Sallaway
Publicity Artist — Katherine Johnson
Business Manager — Joanne Corbeil-Harper
Administrative Assistant — Bethany Sherwood
General Manager — Willow Cohen
Department Chair — Harley Erdman

Ushers — Members of Theater 110: Backstage Practice
Alexandra Uzbay, Arianna Morales, Autumn Marchetto, Bridget Austin-Weiss, Brooke Morrison, Christopher Porcaro, Christopher Webber, Danial Cousins, Deborah Proulx, Eddie Pizzano, Eliza McCann, Emily Formato, Fleur Kuhta, Isabelle Giuttari, Ivy Linden-Dionne, Jesse Ball, Lisa Portier, Matthew Gover, McKenna Canty, Mei MacQuarrie, Mical Henriquez, Michael O’Malley, Michaela DeVos, Mingyan Zhu, Olivia Darling, Pedro Saravia-Castillo, Phoebe Bell, Roshan Kharbanda, Ryan Taylor, Samantha Beaulieu, Sergio Martinez-Krawiec, Sofia Cerciello, Uju Onochie, William Waisnor, Yi-Wei Wang, Yixuan Shi, Yuying Deng