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Our auditions are open to everyone, including all members of the greater UMass community, the Five Colleges, and all local performers. You need not be a theater major or minor to be cast in our shows. See our casting policy at the bottom of the page for more details.

UMass Theater productions are cast throughout the year; check here for audition information.

Time and place maybe subject to change; updates will be posted as they become available.

Read-only scripts and other relevant information for productions will be posted in a shared folder online




Auditions: Oct. 21 and 22, 6-10 p.m. in Fine Arts Center Room 204
Callbacks: Oct. 23 6-10 p.m.

The Water Station (Mizu no eki) by Japanese playwright Ota Shogo is a slow-movement, wordless play. Walking through a barren landscape 18 travelers stop by a dripping water faucet at different times, interacts with water and its surrounding, and continues on their separate ways, while a man living in a pile of objects witnesses their actions from above. Abounding in images of fragmentation of human civilization.

The Water Station will be performed as a 70-minute piece without intermission. 

What to Prepare
For the audition, please prepare a 90 second movement piece that demonstrates your range as a mover. For callbacks, you will be asked to participate in a Suzuki workshop in the Rand Theater. You should audition if you are an actor,  dancer, mover, or are interested in learning about physical theater, Suzuki, or Viewpoints. 

Physical choreography for the show is provided by Ota Shogo. The ensemble will be engaging with the text to marry working formally and creating the psychological score of the piece. To enhance the physical endurance and to understand the psychologial score methodology, Suzuki training will be a mandatory part of our daily process. Actors will be expected to join us for at least one hour every night to work on yoga, meditation, and viewpoint training in addition to further scheduling. 

Rehearsal Dates will be Monday through Friday, 6:00-10:00, the weeks of November 18th-22nd, December 2nd-6th, and January 21st through March 7th. There will be no winter intensives overlapping with any Breaks. 

PERFORMANCE DATES: Feb. 27, Feb. 28, Feb. 29, March 4th, 5th, 6th, & 7th. 

Sign up for an audition slot at

Please read the script before you audition for this piece. Link to script provided here:

If you have any further questions regarding the audition or rehearsal process please contact Stage Manager Liz Diamond at


Auditions are scheduled for Monday, 12/2 and Tuesday, 12/3 with callbacks on Wednesday, 12/4.


Auditions are scheduled for Monday, 1/27 and Tuesday, 1/28, with callbacks Wednesday, 1/29 and Thursday 1/30.

Detailed information about each audition, as well as a SignUp Genius link, will be posted as auditions near; please check back about two weeks before each audition!

General Casting Policies

The Department of Theater is committed to racial, cultural and individual diversity.
Casting for all department-sponsored productions is open to any student, staff, or faculty member of the Five College Consortium, any member of the community, or any invited guest artist regardless of race, ethnic origin, abilty, sexual orientation or gender identification.
Equal-opportunity casting is encouraged.

All Theater majors are welcomed and strongly encouraged to audition. The Department chooses plays each year with the intention of using as many majors as possible, but casting of any individual theater major student is not guaranteed.
Most casting will be determined by open auditions.
You are expected to sign up for a given audition appointment, and to arrive at the audition site well ahead of the scheduled time. Performers who arrive after their scheduled time may not be allowed to audition.
After open auditions have been completed, the director will post call back announcements. If you are called back, you are expected to initial next to your name to acknowledge the call back.

Auditioning for multiple shows

Our experience has shown that having cast members in shows with overlapping rehearsal and/or performance schedules is complicated and disruptive to both shows. 
Cast members are still welcome to be in multiple shows whose rehearsal schedules do not overlap; please check with stage managers or production staff if you have questions about scheduling.
Please note: This does NOT mean that actors cannot audition for all the shows -- just that they will have to consider their options and limitations wisely. Casting decisions will result in the production's exclusive service of the actor when rehearsal/performance periods overlap.

Thank you and break a leg!