Topical Consultations

TEFD offers a customized process to enable individual instructors and departments, schools, and colleges to study their own teaching as a means to improve student learning.


Recognizing that the route to excellent teaching is often very individualized, TEFD offers instructors a confidential consultation process.

Instructors may choose from a highly-targeted, short-term consultation that addresses specific teaching goals, or a more comprehensive overall assessment. A TEFD consultant and the instructor determine teaching goals, identify what is going well in the classroom and what might merit attention, and develop strategies for making needed changes. All options are supplemented by TEFD’s extensive library of monographs, articles, and videos on pedagogy.  

In addition, TEFD consultants offer the following teaching assessment options for individual instructors:


In addition to offering individual consultations for instructors, TEFD works with departments, schools, and colleges to develop group consultation sessions tailored to the unique needs of the various teaching communities on campus. Sessions often address:

  • Issues of classroom teaching
  • TA training and supervision
  • Course and curriculum design
  • Student differences
  • Other teaching and learning topics.

To inquire about a customized consultation, contact TEFD