Teaching from the Margins: Instructors’ Positionality and Classroom Dynamics

An Event of the Diversity Lunch Talk Series

Date:  Monday, March 5, 2018
Time:  12:30PM to 2:00PM
Location:  Campus Center 168C

Session Description

As instructors, we talk a lot about inclusive teaching, but how do we navigate classroom dynamics when our identities—race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, language, ability status, or other identity characteristics—set us apart from our students? How can we draw on our own marginalized positionalities to enhance inclusiveness in our classrooms? What does it take to create class environments where we are willing to reveal and name ourselves as we co-construct knowledge with our students? 

Join Dr. Kirsten Helmer (TEFD) and Momina Sims (PhD Student, Health Promotion and Policy) for this interactive, interdisciplinary session that will engage participants in an exploration of what these questions mean for us as educators who sometimes struggle with “teaching who we are.” 

Session Goals
Expand participants’ self-knowledge;  
Share stories, examples, and strategies that demonstrate a) how instructors with marginalized positionalities can navigate challenging classroom dynamics; and b) how instructors can draw on their marginalized positionalities to enhance inclusiveness in our classrooms.

This event is part of the monthly Diversity Lunch Talks offered by The Institute for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development (TEFD) through its Diversity & Inclusive Teaching Professional Development Series.

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