Faculty Profiles

Lisa Saunders on Teaching Theory Inclusively
Associate Professor | Economics

"The interdependent utility exercise helps many students realise they can do economics without accepting theories and policy perspectives that do not reflect their values or solve problems important to them."

In an article on teaching theory in Economics classes, Dr. Lisa Saunders (Economics) explains how a particular active learning exercise can help students better understand the concepts of rational choice and independenty utility.

Anna Branch on Great Collaborative Activities
Associate Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion | Sociology

"A great activity forces you to think across ideas and, in the design, challenges you."

Dr. Anna Branch, Associate Professor and Associate Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, discusses the elements of well-constructed collaborative activities that result in deep learning.

Associate Professor Haivan Hoang
Haivan Hoang on Discomfort in the Classroom
Associate Professor | English

“I’ve thought about which kinds of discomfort are productive, and what kinds of safety are necessary in classes.”

Dr. Haivan Hoang, winner of the 2017 Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching, discusses how best to teach texts that some students may find difficult, in the interest of "creating an open space for students to share their true perspective."

David Gross Partners with TEFD to Study Teaching
Professor | Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

“Comparing across three different sections of the same course, we did not find statistically significant differences in individual performance, effort, or team performance depending on whether teams were formed by the instructor, by students, or randomly by the learning management system.”

In collaboration with TEFD’s Mei-Yau Shih and Sarah Pociask, David Gross (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) studied the impact of team formation strategies on student performance and attitudes in one of his team-based courses. They found that instructor-designed teams were more diverse, but that students in these teams performed no better than their peers in self-selected or randomly assigned teams. To find out more, read the full article, which was published in the July 2017 issue of the Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Laetitia La Follette Publishes on Art History Teaching
Associate Professor | History of Art & Architecture

"For students to understand the power of art, they have to learn what it is to become art historians and then do it themselves. That means working to find their own meanings and interpretations, which requires synthesis and creativity."

In a new article on art history pedagogy, Laetitia La Follette (History of Art & Architecture) explains how Bloom's Taxonomy can be adapted to support deeper, more student-centered learning activities in a large art history survey course. 

Megan Lewis on Collaborative Learning
Assistant Professor | Theater

“To understand what I think about collaborative learning, you have to understand what I think about theater.”

Dr. Megan Lewis shares her experiences with team-based learning in the first of 22 interviews that TEFD conducted over the last several months with faculty engaged in collaborative and critical teaching practices. Each faculty interview will yield a long-form video on a theme—in this case collaborative learning—and a few shorter, more in-depth videos on specific topics of common interest. Videos will be published throughout the summer on TEFD's Faculty Voices page. Thanks to Dr. Lewis and the other extraordinary faculty who have shared their expertise.