Working Group Presentations Historical


  • "Welcome to the CPWG; Intro to Contemplative Pedagogy; Setting Intentions" (Open Dialogue, 9/14/18)
  • "From the Griot to Hip Hop: Oral Tradition as Critical Liberatory Praxis in Islamic Black America" (Amer Ahmed, TEFD, 9/28/18)
  • "'Culture Keepers': Dynamic Mindfulness & Social Justice Practices in K-12 Public Schools and Higher Education" (Kofi-Charu Nat Turner, Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies, 10/26/18)
  • "Relationality, Respect, Reverence, Reciprocity, Relevance: Bringing the 5 Indigenous Rs into a Contemplative Classroom (even in Large Lecture Courses)" (Sonya Atalay, Anthropology, 11/30/18)
  • "Contemplative Reflections" (Open Dialogue, 12/14/18)


  • “Bringing Contemplation into Classes and Advising,” Open Dialogue
  • “Spotlight on the Association for the Contemplative Mind in Higher Education Conference,” Open Dialogue
  • “Contemplative Pedagogy & Mindfulness in Academic Libraries,” Madeleine Charney (UMass Amherst Libraries) & Sara Smith (Amherst College Library)
  • “Book Discussion of The Slow Professor,” Maria José Botelho (Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies) & Raeann LeBlanc (Nursing)
  • “Savoring Thought: Using Contemplation to Amplify Active Learning in a Writing Class,” Brian Baldi (TEFD)
  • “Blackness and Mindfulness: The Intersection of Culture, Justice, and Healing,” Michelle Chatman (Dept. of Justice Studies, University of the District of Columbia)
  • “Meditation and the Brain,” Sara Lazar & Gunes Sevinc (Harvard Medical School)
  • “Reflections from a First Year Seminar: Cultivating Attention Through Nature Writing,” David Glassberg (History)
  • “Contemplative Mentorship in the Academy,” Open Dialogue


  • “Integrating Contemplative Practices into Supervising Models, Professional Development, Staff Training, and Student Advising,” Timothy Beaucage (Graduate Academic Advisor, CSBS)
  • “Talking Truth: Finding Your Voice Around the Climate Crisis,” Lena Fletcher (Environmental Conservation), Kris Nelsen (Civic Engagement & Service-Learning), and Madeleine Charney (Libraries)
  • “Student-Led Meditation and Holding Space for Students Experiencing Turmoil Post-Election,” James Frank (Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration)
  • “Conversation with Program Manager of the Center for the Contemplative Mind in Society,” John Baugher (CMind) 
  • “Contemplation and Criticality: Re/Contextualizing the Self and Society,” Maria José Botelho (Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies) and Cheryl Harned (History)
  • “Feminist and Contemplative Pedagogy: A Dialogue,” Miliann Kang and Lezlie Frye (Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies)


  • “Considerations for Integrating CP into the Academic Setting,” Katja Hahn D’Errico (Social Justice Education, Civic Engagement and Service Learning)
  • “CP for Establishing Presence and Healing Stress,” Richard S. Ellis (Physics)
  • “Using Mindfulness in the Classroom,” Raeann LeBlanc (Nursing)
  • “The (Slow) Incorporation of Contemplative Practices into My Courses,” Lena Fletcher (Environmental Conservation)
  • “Contemplative Practice in Sustainable Food and Farming,” Sarah Berquist (Stockbridge School of Agriculture)