Who We Are

Our renowned faculty, staff, students, and partners make UMass Amherst a flourishing center of sustainability scholarship and practice. Meet some of the key players that make our program a success.

Faculty and Staff
​Our dedicated faculty are at the cutting edge of sustainability scholarship and education. Our devoted staff is committed to helping students achieve their goals. Together we foster a thriving and supportive intellectual community. Learn more >​

UMass Amherst is ranked one of the nation’s top universities for sustainability research and degree programs.  We attract world-class, highly motivated graduate students from around the country and globe.  Together they are learning how to solve the world’s pressing socio-environmental challenges. Meet some of our current students >


Our partners and partnering academic departments help make UMass Amherst one of the nation’s leading sustainable communities. Here we don’t just learn it, we live it and lead it. See more >

​At UMass Amherst you'll Learn, Live, and Lead sustainability. Find out more >