Published through the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Paperbark Literary Magazine is a platform for conversations about contemporary culture through the lens of sustainability and environmental justice, with themes ranging from climate change, policy, environmental science, and the value of creative expression. 

2019 MS3 alum, Erin Wnorowski, worked for Paperbark during her time in the program. Here's what she says about that experience.

As a mid-career professional, returning to grad school was an adjustment - in my recent roles, I was more in the teacher vs. the student role. I thought that joining Paperbark as the Managing Editor was the perfect way to keep my leadership skills fresh; however, it wound up being so much more than that. Being part of the Paperbark team expanded my notion of collaboration and commitment. Everyone on the team was on a journey to becoming a subject matter expert in something - whether it was English, Writing, Design, Sustainability, Communications, etc. This not only facilitated a rich, creative, interdisciplinary learning environment, it helped me tap into new leadership approaches that were unfamiliar to me. In addition to general professional and personal growth, working with the campus and local sustainability communities, our contributors, Paperbark mentors, and other people in Paperbark's orbit completely reinforced what I was learning in the MS3 program. I was soaking up the fundamentals of being a sustainability professional and I was in an ever-present conversation about sustainability. Sustainability, through the lens of the Paperbark mission, is a unique, constantly evolving concept. Being part of the team added a soulful depth to my graduate studies.