MS3 Alumni Panel

The MS3 Alumni Panel is a newly developed workshop that we plan to hold once a semester. The first Alumni Panel took place this last Spring, where we invited 6 of our Alumni in Massachusetts to come speak to current students about:

  • What brought them to the MS3 program
  • What they did for their practicum 
  • How they got the job they have and what they do there
  • How what they learned in MS3 helped them get to where they are
  • Advice they would you give to current students



Alumni at this particular panel included students from the very first year/cohort of the MS3 program all the way up until those who graduated in Spring, 2015. 

The alumni represented the following organizations:

  • The Cadmus Group, Inc. (Cadmus)
  • State of Rhode Island Division of Planning
  • Trinity Solar
  • Nxengen, LLC
  • Conservation Law Foundation
  • Green Restaurant Association