This is just a sample of our alumni from the past eight years. Our 2018 graduates were the program's 7th cohort.
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** Alumni rated their overall MS3 experience 4.3 out of 5! **

** 100% would recommend this program to other students! **

    * Data is from MS3 alumni survey responses, Sept 2018.

Shannon Mulkern
Cohort 7
Title: Member Experience Associate
Company: Walden Local Meat, Billerica
Practicum: Taza Chocolate
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Tom O'Neill
Cohort 7
Title: Development Associate
Company: Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE)
Practicum: Resonant Energy: Community Outreach Fellow
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Santoshi Nadimpalli
Cohort 7
Title: Policy Fellow
Company: The Urban Leaders Fellowship
Practicum: UMass Medical School in Worcester, MA 
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Laurie Simmons
Cohort 3
Title: Sustainability Coordinator for ResLife
Company: UMass ResLife
Practicum: Residential Academic Program (RAP), UMass
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Jeremy Price
Cohort 7
Title: City Planner / Clean Energy Project Manager
Company: City of Gloucester, MA
Practicum: UMass Clean Energy Extension 
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Matthew White
Cohort 6
Title: Business Analyst
Company: Associated Energy Developers
Practicum: Cape & Islands Self-Reliance 
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Leah Wang
Cohort 6
Title: Program Coordinator
Company: Massachusetts Department of Correction (DOC) Division of Research and Planning
Practicum: The New Garden Society 
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Kris Badertscher
Cohort 6
Title: Field Organizer
Company:  Friends of Northampton Trails & Greenways
Practicum: Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
Linkedin> Copeland
Cohort 6
Title: Greenhouse Horticultural Technologist
Company:  Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University
Practicum: Wellspring Harvest Greenhouse
LinkedIn > Hynes
Cohort 6 
Title: Graduate Research Assistant
Company: University of Massachusetts Amherst Office of Waste Management
Practicum: Nuestra Comida
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Zachary Jenkins
Cohort 6 
Title: Meal Solutions Clerk
Company: Fresh Acres Market
Practicum: Senator Edward J. Markey’s Boston Office
LinkedIn > Koyen
Cohort 6 
Title: Land Protection and Stewardship Specialist
Company: Door County Land Trust
Practicum: Door County Land Trust
LinkedIn > Leighton
Cohort 6 
Title: Farm to Institution Research Associate
Company: Farm to Institution New England (FINE)
Practicum: Farm Fresh Rhode Island
LinkedIn > McGowan
Cohort 6
Title: Monitoring and Regulatory Billing Analyst
Company: Solect Energy
Practicum: Solect Energy
LinkedIn > Myran
Cohort 6
Title: Project Manager
Company: New Venture Advisors LLC
Practicum: CISA
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Jon Gray
Cohort 5
Title: Outreach Coordinator
Company: Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership (SEMAP)
Practicum: Green City Growers in Somerville, MA
LinkedIn > Engelbourg
Cohort 5
Title: Naturalist Educator and Program Manager
Company: Linda Loring Nature Foundation, Nantucket, MA
Practicum: Field Research and Education Assistant, Linda Loring Nature Foundation
LinkedIn > Longvall
Cohort 5
Title: Assistant Project Coordinator
Company: Worcester Tree Initiative
Practicum: Worcester Tree Initiative
LinkedIn > Angen    
Cohort 4
Title: Apparel Buyer and Department Manager
C​ompany: UMass Store, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Practicum: PV potential analysis for Holyoke, MA using GIS for UMass Clean Energy Extension
LinkedIn > Beals
Cohort 4
Title: Associate Consultant to Urban Forestry
Company: Davey Tree Expert Company, Seattle WA
Practicum: ReGreen Springfield
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Lauren Bullard
Cohort 4
Title: High School Science Teacher
Company: Nashoba Regional High School
Practicum: Regreen Springfield; Research Associate; Springfield, MA
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Madison Burke 
Cohort 4
Title: Community Planner 
Company: U.S. DOT Volpe Transportation Center
LinkedIn > Bushman  
Cohort 4
Title: Ocean Planning Outreach Manager
C​ompany: Conservation Law Foundation
Practicum: Completed her practicum at the job she recieved directly after graduating
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Max Dilthey  
Cohort 4
Title: Graduate Instructor
C​ompany: University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Practicum: University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Environmental Conservation Program (Graduate Instructor)
LinkedIn > (Kenney) Gallant
Cohort 4
Title: Solar Design & Permitting Specialist
Company: ReVision Energy
LinkedIn > Lang
Cohort 4
Title: Project Manager, Southern VT Economy Project
Company: Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation
Practicum: St. Clair Development
LinkedIn > Moscone
Cohort 4
Title: Sustainability Coordinator
Company: UMass Amherst
Practicum: UMass Office of Waste Management
LinkedIn > Asta Netunisa
Cohort 4
Title: Accountant
Company: Johanes Don Bosco Do Prime Clinic
Practicum: Simple Gift Farm Amherst
Linkedin > Powell
Cohort 4
Title: Assistant Project Manager
Company: CodeGreen Solutions
Practicum: Urban Sustainability with Green Infrastructure and High-Quality Urban Design in Commercial Real Estate, Silverstein Properties Inc, NYC
LinkedIn > Rao
Cohort 4
Title: Assistant Project Manager
Company: Entegrity
Practicum: Earthships Biotechture (helped build off-the-grid sustainable houses).
LinkedIn > Sims   
Cohort 4
Title: Environmental Consultant
C​ompany: Green Restaurant Association 
Practicum: UMass - Presence and accuracy of catch and release best practice guidelines found on recreational angling NGO websites.
LinkedIn > Wicks   
Cohort 4
Title: Research Adjunct, Adjunct Faculty
C​ompany: UMass Amherst Transportation Center, UMass Amherst School of Public Policy
Practicum: Spirit Solar, Springfield MA. 
LinkedIn > Desmarais
Cohort 3
Title: Hydrologic Technician 
Company: US Geological Survey
Practicum: Hatfield Laboratory, laboratory technician
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Stephen Treat
Cohort 3
Title: Senior Analyst
Company: The Cadmus Group Inc
Practicum: Tighe & Bond, Inc; Renewable Energy Intern; Westfield, MA
LinkedIn > Bighinatti
Cohort 3
Title: Marketing & Lean Coordinator
Company: TRO
Practicum: A Better City- Sustainability Intern
LinkedIn > Hebert
Cohort 2
Title: Operations Manager
Company: Trinity Solar
Practicum: Education and Outreach Ecofellow at the Center for EcoTechnology in Pittsfield, MA
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Kirsten Bryan
Cohort 2
Title: Assistant City Planner
Company: City of New Bedford Fahey    
Cohort 1
Title: Senior Renewable Energy Analyst
C​ompany: The Cadmus Group, Inc.
Practicum: Business development intern for Sungage Financial, a residential solar financing start-up in Amherst, MA
LinkedIn > Pizzi
Cohort 1
Title: Quantitative Research Analyst
Company: Ontegrity, Inc.
Practicum: UMASS Facilities Management, UMASS Planning
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