The Town of Amherst has issued mandatory water restriction effective at 12:01 AM on Friday August 19th, 2016. Restrictions apply to all residential customers of the Amherst public water system and include the following prohibitions: watering lawns by any method, washing cars or trucks at non-commercial vehicle washes, washing of buildings, sidewalks or patios, filling of swimming pools. For more information visit the town's website.

Water Saving Tips

The university asks that students, faculty, and staff use the following tips to help conserve water. #UmassSavesH2O

If you hear a running toilet or leaky faucet in the Resident Halls call 413-545-0812 or in other locations around campus contact F&C Solutions Center at 413-545-6401 or fill out a service request form here

Please turn off the faucet when drying your hands, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, or putting on makeup. Leaving the water on while brushing your teeth can waste a gallon of water. 

Please take shorter showers. If every student living on campus reduced their shower by just one minute, the campus would save 5,416 gallons of water. 

When doing laundry only wash full loads of laundry with cold water. One load of laundry uses between 15-50 gallons of water. 

Print Your Own Water Savings Signs

Turn Off The Faucet

Take Shorter Showers

Wash Full Loads