Plastics Reduction

UMass Amherst is dedicated to reducing single use plastics from entering the environment doing harm to natural ecosystems and human health.  We are reducing plastics on campus through a number of initiatives...

  • UMass complies with the Town of Amherst plastic bag ban since January 2017, also known as Article 36: Single Use Plastic Bag Ban Prohibition.  The bylaw was written by UMass sustainability science graduate student (now alumni) Keven Hollerbach. Learn more about this here.  
  • The campus also offers outdoor event water stations in an effort to reduce single use plastic bottles at large outdoor BBQ's and other campus sanctioned events.  These water stations provide free, filtered and cooled tap water to the campus community.  To request these stations at your next event, contact the UMass Physical Plant at (413) 545-6512 or Auxiliary Enterprises at (413) 577-8094.