Green Events

Many events at UMass Amherst are working on ways to reduce their impact on the environment and have developed plans focused on waste reduction. 

College of Natural Sciences (CNS) College Day Barbecue

CNS strives to be a zero-waste event with a cross-campus Green Event Planning Team that includes members from Auxiliary Services, Physical Plant, and CNS. 

Alternatives to plastic water bottles at events

Request to use one of our outdoor water stations in place of plastic water bottles at your next event. 

EPA Game Day Challenge

UMass Amherst participated in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Game Day Challenge until 2018, a national collegiate competition where colleges and universities implement recycling and compost programs to reduce waste at football games and tailgates.

Sustainable Move In & Out – New2U

The New2U program collects unwanted items each spring during move-out and resells these collected items each fall during move-in. 

Guide to Zero Waste Events

This guide aims to streamline the planning process as well as provide tips and examples for follow-through to implementing a successful zero-waste event.