Minute Riders Program

COVID-19 Precautions: As of 6/22/2020, because the campus is still closed and we are powered by students, we are not servicing offices or enrolling new offices at this time. Please check back for updates when the campus reopens. 


The Minute Riders Program offers student-led, bike-powered compost pickup services available to offices on campus. Offices that have kitchens or break rooms can collect their own composting and student Minute Riders will use pedal power to collect it. To enroll in the Minute Riders program, please contact the Campus Sustainability Manager at 545-0799 or the Sustainability Engagement Coordinator at 545-1188.   

As of June 2020, the offices/departments who participate in our program are:

  1. Campus Planning
  2. Design & Construction Management
  3. Resource Economics
  4. All-Campus Makerspace
  5. Astronomy
  6. Department of Chemistry
  7. Information Technology Program Office
  8. Biology Main Office
  9. Geosciences
  10. International programs office
  11. Stonewall Center
  12. Goodell
  13. Scholarly Communication (W.E.B. DuBois Library)
  14. Sociology and Labor Studies


In 2019, our Minute Rider at the time Ben collected weight data of compost collected from offices for 13 weeks, spanning from October 22nd 2019 to December 10th 2019. The average weight of compost collected each week was 8.6 lbs, and the total weight collected during those 13 weeks was 112 pounds of compost diverted from the landfill! 

The UMass Minute Riders are students who collect compost on bicycles. A trailer with wheels is attached to the back of the bicycle, and they collect food waste from metal countertop bins in office kitchens on campus.