Campus Waste Guidelines

Waste streams and collection guidelines have changed on campus.

1.  Empty UMass to-go dining containers are RECYCLABLE
It doesn't have to be clean, just empty.  If it isn't empty, it's trash.


2.  Food waste stream accepts FOOD WASTE ONLY.
No containers or packaging of any kind.


3.  Bring yourself fully up to speed by completing the UMass Waste Quiz and reviewing the feedback provided. BONUS:  Individuals (students and staff are eligible!) who get a 100% on the quiz by Friday February 13th will be entered to win one of many prizes!  Prizes include: UMass hoodies, UMass Athletics prize packs, gift cards to local eateries, reusable water bottles, and more!


General campus waste guidelines:

Food Waste:
Food scraps only. 
No containers or packaging of any kind.

Empty UMass to-go containers, Bottles & cans (of any kind/brand), paper, cardboard, plastic tubs (hummus, yogurt, etc)
It doesn’t have to be clean, it just has to be empty.
No food, liquids, utensils, plastic bags or black plastic

All other refuse and food scraps (wherever food waste bins are not available).
No liquids.

To test your knowledge of current campus waste guidelines, visit the UMass Waste Quiz