NuRide Program: Rewards for Greener Trips

Project Overview

A unique program is available for individuals that consciously alter their transportation. NuRide is a free incentive program where you get points that can be redeemed for rewards when you travel by public transportation, bike, foot, carpool, or even work from home.  Or, if you are looking to join or start a carpool, you can use NuRide to connect with other UMass travelers that are heading in the same direction.

The state of Massachusetts has entered into a contract with NuRide and all UMass students statewide are eligible to participate as a result. There are rewards available in Amherst and across Massachusetts for those that choose greener trips.

Sustainable UMass has partnered with Transit and Parking Services at UMass Amherst to encourage students to take full advantage of the NuRide program.

Get started in three easy steps!

  1. Join NuRide– sign up at using your UMass email and the MASSRIDESpromo code to join the UMass network and receive 1000 NuRide bonus points!
  2. Take a Trip– carpool with co-workers, bike to a friend’s house, or hop on a bus.
  3. Enjoy Rewards– Confirm your trips, refer friends and get points that you can redeem for restaurant coupons, retailer discounts, and tickets to shows and attractions.

NuRide Website