Electronic Waste Recycling

Project Overview

Due to the rapid advancement of technologies, many people find themselves with an overload of gadgets that are no longer useful or working. These gadgets then tend to be thrown out and never seen again. Recycling these items can reduce waste associated with production and converse metals that can be recovered for future use.

The "Green Monstah" is an E-waste (electronic waste) center located in the entry of the W.E.B Du Bois Library.   It is a place where students and faculty can conveniently recycle their obsolete or broken electronics and save them from being thrown in a landfill.

The "Green Monstah" gobbles up all small electronic like chargers, cell phones, iPods, USB cords, etc along with non-alkaline batteries, CFL Light bulbs, and ink cartridges! It is always hungry for more so keep feeding The Green Monstah with all your old gadgets!

Waste Reduction Fellows in the Campus Sustainability Initiative and students from the Building and Construction Technology Department constructed the wooden receptacle in the UMass Wood Shop, painted it a “Fenway Green,” and designed signage that makes it clear and easy for any member of campus to recycle their e-waste. Students will monitor the bins and take the recycled items to the Office of Waste Management on campus where they will be sorted and sent to RMG Enterprise in New Hampshire where they are properly recycled.

Read about this in the News: http://www.library.umass.edu/about-the-libraries/news/press-releases-201...