E+ Program

Project Overview 

Every year UMass Amherst designates millions of dollars for energy conservation projects, which upgrade or replace inefficient physical structures or technologies on campus. The program is designed as an eventual payback system, where the annual savings that the project creates actually pays for the initial cost of the project within seven years. After the initial payback period, the projects will continue to reduce utilities costs.

Overall, since its creation in 2005, the University has dedicated $17 million through the E+ Program for a variety of projects across campus. Some of them include steam line replacements, the installation of a 2 MW turbine in our Central Heating Plant, variable frequency drive installations and a $4 million chiller replacement project in 2010.

The Sustainable UMass team, formerly known as the Campus Sustainability Initiative, works to aid in the selection of projects. E+ Projects between 2011-2012 funded $3.5 million of energy conservation projects which ranged from replacing steam lines to installing motion sensors for lighting in the two most heavily used academic buildings, Machmer and Herter.

Projects slated in 2013-2014 include about 25 specific energy conservation measures that will cost over $6.7 million and will have a 5 year payback and annual savings of $1.3 million, and reduce emissions by 4,900 MTCO2.  The projects include lighting upgrades, mechanical and electrical measures, and solar thermal systems in the Central Heating Plant.

For more information about specific projects please contact Campus Sustainability Manager, Ezra Small.