Bicycle Friendly University

Project Overview

UMass Amherst recently received "Honorable Mention" status by the League of American Bicyclists - Bicycle Friendly Universities list.

A Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) has been established to progress biking services on campus and move the University towards reaching Bicycle Friendly University Certification.

BAC Members Include:

Kathryn Slater: Chair
Kathryn is a member of the Chancellor's Sustainability Committee Transportation Sub-Committee and is the Program Coordinator for the Massachusetts Cooperative Research Program.

Michaela Hughes
Under-secretary of Sustainability for the Student Government Association (SGA) and Bike Share Program Manager

Ethan Finkel
Campus Sustainability Initiative Transportation Fellow and UMass Transportation Services Bus Driver

More members to be named soon.

We're keeping busy this year! Check out our upcoming BAC Projects:

  • Expand Bike Share Program
  • Adopt campus Bike Master Plan
  • Establish incentive Program
  • Bike Lane Infrastructure (Sharrows/Boxes
  • Bicycling at NSO
  • End of Trip Facilities
  • Increase Parking Fees
  • Add more high quality bike parking
  • 20 MPH on campus roads
  • Bike Center at new central parking stucture
  • Bike Powered Campus Services
  • Bike Encouragement through UR
  • Bike Maps
  • Bike Locking Awareness
  • Bike Lights and Helmet Promotions by UMPD
  • Economic Impact Study on Bikes
  • Cycling Skills Classes
  • Bike Parking Standards Compliance
  • UMPD Outreach for enforcement
  • Engineering/Planning staff training
  • Add Bike Repair Stations
  • Place Way-Finding Signage
  • Maintain safe quality road conditions/
  • Share the Road Campaign
  • Ticket Diversion Program
  • Bicycle Maintenance Workshop
  • League Cycling Instructor (LCI) seminar
  • Bicycle Transportation Graduate Course
  • Staff Motorist Education Program
  • Bike Pledge Campaign
  • Bike Themed Events
  • UMPD Point Person
  • Add biking satisfaction questions to Transit Survey