Live Sustainably at UMass Amherst

We walk the talk at UMass Amherst: students, faculty, and staff practice sustainability each and every day here on campus. 

Here’s a look at a sustainability-filled day in the life of Jeremy, a first year student who is majoring in Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences (one of 20 sustainability-related majors):

8:10am Jeremy wakes up in his residence hall in Southwest.  During New Student Orientation, Jeremy visits the Model Green Room where he learns about sustainable living, so now he will brush his teeth with organic toothpaste.

8:40am Jeremy hops on a UMass BikeShare bicycle, available for free daily rental from the Student Government Association and zooms to the Morrill Science Building for his first class of the day.

8:50am Jeremy locks up his bike at one of the 300 bike loops on campus.

8:55am Jeremy stops at the Morrill Café where he can get certified fair trade organic coffee in 100% compostable cups or use his reusable glass jar that he got from Freshman Convocation where he met "No Impact Man," Colin Beavan, who delivered the keynote address.

9:05am Jeremy joins fellow students for his “Global Environmental Change” class.

10:00am Jeremy stops in the Library lobby where he can recycle his old cell phone at the “Green Monstah” electronic recycling station, and prints out an assignment with half the amount of paper than any other campus printer by using PrintEco software from the library computers.

11:15am Jeremy bikes to his next class, a lab, in the LEED Gold-certified College of Natural Sciences Research Greenhouse.

12: 30pm Jeremy bikes to to Berkshire Dining Commons where he samples great local food, including some vegetables harvested that day from the Berkshire Permaculture Garden!

6:30pm After his final class of the day, Jeremy returns his bike and walks back to his residence hall for an Eco-Rep seminar, where fellow students are facilitating a fascinating discussion based on their weekly reading material about social change and the environmental movement.  Jeremy chose the Eco-Rep class because he receives 2 credits while learning about sustainability and creating positive change on campus.

8:30pm Jeremy tackles some homework before going to sleep so he’ll be ready for another busy, sustainable day at UMass Amherst.  Tomorrow, Jeremy’s class will be heading out to a field trip to the nearby Deerfield Research Farm, where students are running a business by growing organic food and working on state-of-the-art renewable energy projects.  Get a good rest, Jeremy!



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