Goals & Objectives

As an Eco-Rep, you will build a solid foundation in the principles of sustainability. After participating in the program, you will be equipped with the leadership skills to actively partake in dialogue about sustainability and the issues that surround it. These skills allow you to be an engaged and informed citizen in the realm of sustainability and environmental literacy.

You will also be given the rare opportunity to apply the knowledge and passion you’ve accrued in your first semester of Eco-Rep. Members will be provided with an understanding of the interconnected nature of sustainability and how it applies to not only your student life, but also society as a whole. It is your job as an Eco-Rep to “make sustainability sexy” to fellow students and promote behavioral change at both individual and campus-wide levels.

Our Program Facilitators not only have a chance to gain leadership experience by planning and leading classroom dialogue, but also have the opportunity to explore the peer facilitation; a unique style of teaching and learning that emphasizes student empowerment and ownership over one’s own knowledge.

UMass will benefit directly from the Eco-Rep Program because by increasing environmental literacy among students, behaviors will shift from unsustainable practices to environmentally responsible alternatives--changing their day-to-day habits to use fewer resources, which will save the University money. This will be increasingly more important as the cost of resources and utilities continue to skyrocket. This will also aid in helping the campus reach its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 set by the Climate Action Plan.

The Environment will benefit most of all from the Eco-Rep Programs efforts. The information and topics brought up in the program are done so with the aim to change the mental models surrounding the environment in our society today. As an Eco-Rep you work to shift human behavior to reduce negative impact on the world we live in.


Eco-Rep Feedback
Feedback that we have received from former Eco-Rep students.