Food Systems & Permaculture

Rainbow and swiss chard growing below the Franklin Permaculture Garden sign

Real Food Challenge

UMass Amherst participates in the Real Food Challenge, requiring 20% of the university’s food purchases be “real food” — local/community-based, fair, ecologically sound, and humane food sources — by 2020.

UMass Permaculture

UMass Permaculture Initiative is a unique and cutting-edge sustainability program that converts underused grass lawns on the campus into edible, low-maintenance, and easily replicable gardens. 

Local Healthy UMass Food System 

The Local Healthy UMass Food System Initiative is a cutting-edge approach to supporting a healthy and resilient New England food system. 

UMass Student Farm

UMass Student Farming Enterprise program provides hands-on farming experience and education on healthier food systems. 

Student Farmers Market

A collaboration between UMass Permaculture and the UMass Student Farm, the UMass Student Farmers Market is a weekly agriculture community event.

Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment

The center integrates research and outreach education in agriculture, food systems, and the environment.