15,000+ Solar Panels: 5 Buildings & 2 Parking Lots

In 2016, UMass Amherst installed over 15,000 photovoltaic panels across campus, providing 5.5 megawatts (DC) of clean electrical power for the campus to use for a heavily discounted rate. The major solar energy initiative will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the regional grid by the equivalent of 31,000 non-metric tons of carbon dioxide and cut the university's electric bills by $6.2 million over 20 years.

Solar panels were added to five buildings and two expansive solar canopy systems:
Recreation Center
Champions Center

Computer Science
Fine Arts Center
Police Station

Lot 25 (Mullins Center Parking Lot)
Lot 44 (North Apartments/Sylvan Residential Area Parking Lot)

The project construction was completed in early 2017. The university partnered with Sol Systems who arranged for project finance, ownership and ongoing maintenance of the solar installations with the owner of the project, ConEdison Solutions for up to 20 years. The university will buy all of the electricity from the $16 million project for direct use on campus through a power purchasing agreement. The project developer provided paid internships to four UMass Amherst students in Market Development, Solar Engineering Design, and Software Engineering/Web Developing.

For more information about this major solar energy initiative and others visit UMass Amherst's Design and Construction Management or watch the video below.

Solar Dashboards:

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*All dashboards can be accessed using the following credentials (copy and paste):
Username: pfprod\UMassDemoUser
Password: UM@$sConEd2017

Portfolio Overview Dashboard
Lot 44 Parking Canopy Dashboard
Lot 25 Parking Canopy Dashboard
Champions Center Dashboard
Recreation Center Dashboard
Fine Arts Center Dashboard
Computer Sciences Dashboard
Police Station Dashboard

Data Download Site Access:

This site has same credentials as dashboards above:
Username: pfprod\UMassDemoUser
Password: UM@$sConEd2017

​This site provides data for 7 different data attributes of all 7 solar sites for a customizable range of time.  Simply follow the instructions "How to Pull Data" listed on the site below.

Data Download Site Dashboard