Energy Efficiency

Energy Conservation Measures

UMass Amherst implements energy conservation measures (ECM's) across campus in our facilities and throughout our central energy distribution system.  These ECM's result in higher performing buildings, more comfort, energy and carbon emission savings, and overall a more conducive learning and living environment for our students and working environment for our faculty and staff.

We are now tracking our ECM's in GRITS (The Green Revolving Investment Tracking System).  GRITS is an online platform that allows users to the energy, financial, and carbon savings data from sustainability projects. Below is our current GRITS dashboard that provides key financial metrics of our portfolio of projects that have been entered into the system...

Tracking Energy Usage Intensity (EUI)

The benchmark for on-campus building energy consumption has been evaluated through Energy Usage Intensity (EUI). EUI takes total consumption and divides it by gross square footage. EUI can be used for comparing buildings of similar size with one another or for understanding usage of a particular building over time.  On-campus building energy data is collected and compared annually.

The Building Energy Explorer (BEE) is the first phase of an ongoing effort to provide information about energy consumption in UMass Amherst buildings. The project focuses on evaluating existing buildings’ annual energy performance across multiple metrics. The goal is to establish internal benchmarks for energy use that are linked to space use and building type.  The BEE visualizes available EUI data for FY'10-FY'15 and most campus buildings on a campus map.

Building Energy Explorer

UMass collects and publishes annual building energy consumption including building electricity consumption...

Access building energy consumption since 2009 through 2019 at the UMass Sustainability ScholarWorks Campus Data page.



Solar Generation Dashboards visit our Solar section of this website here.