Energy Efficiency

Energy Conservation Measures

UMass Amherst, Eversource Sign Second Agreement for Energy Efficiency Partnership
In July, 2017 the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Eversource signed a three-year memorandum of understanding continuing their energy-efficiency partnership with the goal of saving the university $1.8 million in energy costs annually. 
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Every year through the E+ Program UMass Amherst designates millions of dollars for energy conservation projects that upgrade or replace inefficient physical structures and technologies on campus. These energy conservation projects are designed to act as a payback system where the annual savings pay for the initial cost. After the initial payback period projects continue to reduce utility costs.

E+ Program 2015 

Tracking Energy Usage Intensity (EUI)

The benchmark for on-campus building energy consumption has been evaluated through Energy Usage Intensity (EUI). EUI takes total consumption and divides it by gross square footage. EUI can be used for comparing buildings of similar size with one another or for understanding usage of a particular building over time.  On-campus building energy data is collected and compared annually.

The Building Energy Explorer (BEE) is the first phase of an ongoing effort to provide information about energy consumption in UMass Amherst buildings. The project focuses on evaluating existing buildings’ annual energy performance across multiple metrics. The goal is to establish internal benchmarks for energy use that are linked to space use and building type.  The BEE visualizes available EUI data for FY'10-FY'15 and most campus buildings on a campus map.

Building Energy Explorer

UMass collects and publishes annual building energy consumption including building electricity consumption...

UMass Amherst Electricity Data by Building – 2015

UMass Amherst Electricity Data by Building – 2014

UMass Amherst Electricity Data by Building – 2013

UMass Amherst Electricity Data by Building – 2012

Energy Consumption Dashboards

Real-time energy usage as well as CO2 emissions for on-campus buildings can be viewed live through the UMass Amherst Energy Dashboard.

UMass Amherst Energy Dashboard

v2 energy dashboard

For Solar Generation Dashboards visit our Solar section of this website here.