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UMass Amherst Cycling and Sustainability Club

New in 2024!  Ride bikes, meet cool people, save the planet

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Sunrise Movement UMass Amherst

Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. We're building an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people. We are ordinary young people who are scared about what the climate crisis means for the people and places we love. We are gathering in classrooms, living rooms, and worship halls across the country. Everyone has a role to play. Public opinion is already with us - if we unite by the millions we can turn this into political power and reclaim our democracy. We are not looking to the right or left. We look forward. Together, we will change this country and this world, sure as the sun rises each morning.


Students for Sustainable Fashion and Art

Engages the student population in unleashing their creativity whether it is with fashion or art. Students will gain knowledge on sustainability and how it will help our community. Our mission is to encourage sustainable habits within fashion and art. We will promote small businesses and donate a percentage of proceeds to sustainability fundraisers. Events will include: flea markets containing sellers of sustainable products, up-cycling & re-working workshops, thrifting tips & trips, clothing swaps, etc. The overall goal of SSFA is to spread awareness of unsustainable fashion and art manufacturing by promoting sustainable creativity. 


UMass Amherst Food Recovery Network 

The purpose of the Food Recovery Network (FRN) is to recover leftover food from The University Of Massachusetts Amherst’s dining halls, and from events on campus, and donate it to people in Amherst who are in need.  FRN uses student volunteers to pick up food from dining halls and transport it to shelters in Amherst.  This organization plans to raise awareness in the campus community about food waste, both at UMass Amherst and in the greater community. In turn, the organization hopes to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the university and individuals in the community positively influenced by our efforts. We hope to educate students about food insecurity on campus and in the town of Amherst, and create a more informed student body. Our ultimate goal is to reduce food waste on campus in every aspect.

Contact us in order to sign up to volunteer for a food recovery! 


We work to stand up to powerful, special interests and win concrete victories on campaigns protecting the environment and our public health. As of summer 2020, Victoria Reffafa-Lawlor is our chapter chair ( and Caroline Williams is our new 100% Renewable Energy Campaign Coordinator (





Paperbark Literary Magazine is a graduate student led publication focused on the confluences between science and the humanities. We publish prose, poetry, artwork, and photography that speaks to the importance of place, conservation, sustainability, and an appreciation for our role as stewards of the earth. Our magazine is annual, with several web-only releases and community events throughout the semester. 

UMass Amherst Permaculture  

The UMass Permaculture Initiative is changing the way students interact with their food and surroundings with the creation of on-campus permaculture gardens. As part of the Healthy and Sustainable Food System Initiative, UMass Permaculture serves as a hands-on, experiential teaching tool for students to learn about local, healthy food systems. If you are planning to volunteer and have questions, please email Dan Bensonoff at 





Secretary of Sustainability within Student Government Association (SGA) 

The Secretary of Sustainability is a position within the SGA and acts as a liaison to the President for students, faculty and administration on all matters pertaining to the environment. They're a resource for UMass members that have ideas and projects that address UMass's relationship with the environment. They also offer advice to cabinet members for collaborative projects.

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Beekeeping Club

The Beekeeping Club is a group of people who are passionate about bees. Revived in 2019, this RSO is focused on learning about and being involved with bees and beekeeping through a mix of hands-on and informative activities. Involvement is open to all, whether you’re an experienced beekeeper or just want to help “Save the bees” and have fun.


UMass Hydro Farm 

We are a student run hydroponics practicum/business that supplies the school and other student run businesses with fresh locally grown leafy greens. We grow multiple varieties of lettuce, leafy greens, and culinary herbs year-round in our hydroponic raft systems. We are also experimenting with fruiting crops in recirculating buckets and nutrient film channels. Signups for Fall 2018 practicum are open - send an email to with a description of your interests. 


UMass Outing Club (UMOC)


To sign-up for trips or check on official club happenings, check out our website! You must create an account with Teamapp and pay official club dues to sign-up for trips. All trips are led by our trained leaders. After every General Body Meeting, our leaders post their trips on teamapp. You can also see what trips are happening each week by signing up for the email list, which is posted on Teamapp! In addition if you would like to talk to someone in person please swing by the Gear Locker (located in the Photo Lab, 280 Hicks Way). Gear Locker hours change each semester, so check out Teamapp for the current hours of our Locker employees. If you have questions, contact us through Teamapp or send us a message through Facebook! See you on the trail / river / crag / cave / cabin! 

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Have you heard about the Sustainable Organization Coalition (SOC)?

SOC is a coalition of sustainable organizations on the UMass campus that meet several times throughout the academic year. Meetings are typically held in the Student Union (during construction they will be held in Bartlett Hall), are student-run and cover topics including but not limited to: planning events together such as the Sustainability Slammer and Earth Day Festival, voting on proposals for the Sustainability Innovation and Engagement Fund, and keeping all organizations updated on everyone's current projects and goals related to sustainability. Anyone is welcome to attend meetings. To get on the mailing list, email the Student Government Association Secretary of Sustainability at

Students tabling or volunteering at different sustainability events