Idea Funding

Students planting peppers in the permaculture garden in holes surrounded by straw ground cover.

UMass Amherst provide support for sustainability related ideas from students, faculty, and staff. 

Sustainability, Innovation & Engagement Fund (SIEF)

The SIEF provides financial support to students, faculty, and staff with green ideas. 

UMass Innovation Challenge (UMass IC)

The UMass IC awards prizes each academic year though competitive events that are designed to help and reward UMass students and young alumni from any of the system’s five campuses who want to pursue a novel business idea and develop it into a marketable product.

Sustainability Curriculum Fellowship (SCF)

SCF is a year-long interdisciplinary fellowship program that enables UMass Amherst faculty to cultivate teaching excellence in sustainability.

Undergraduate Sustainability Research Fund from UMass Libraries

The Undergraduate Sustainability Research Award promotes in-depth understanding of sustainability topics, research strategies, and the use of library resources, providing participating students with vital skills they will carry into future academic and vocational endeavors.  The award is funded by the award-winning UMass Amherst Libraries’ Sustainability Fund.