Green Office Program

What is the Green Office Program?

The Green Office Program encourages and facilitates energy and waste reduction practices in offices across campus. 

UMass Amherst currently has over 85 offices (and counting) that participate in the Green Office Program. Find the full list of offices working to be more sustainable here

How Does It Work?

The offices that choose to participate in the program work to complete requirements based on a five-level scale: bronze, silver, gold, green and evergreen. Each level is based off of seven topics: energy, waste and recycling, kitchens, bathrooms, travel, purchasing and involvement, which outline more sustainable office behaviors and operations. Completion of the program occurs once an office fulfills the criteria for the “evergreen” level. Offices will need to renew their certifications to maintain their "evergreen" standing every semester. 

Our Sustainability Fellows work individually with each office to devise a plan customized to meet the office’s needs. The system allows for a friendly competition between offices to see who can reach the evergreen certification. Recognition is rewarded for every level completed with a congratulatory certificate.
Scoring for certification for v2.1 (Launched January, 2018) is as follows:

  • Bronze: 11+
  • Silver: 16+
  • Gold: 21+
  • Green: 26+
  • Evergreen: Offices are eligible for Evergreen status if they attain the following:
  1. They maintain green certification for at least two semesters.
  2. Earn a minimum of 5 innovation credits.
  3. Recruit another office to the program.

Contact Us

Email the Green Office Program team here.


Step-by-Step Guide to the Green Office Program:

  1. Please email the Green Office Program team here to schedule a walk-through of your office.
  2. Download the Green Office Checklist (Checklist for offices WITH Kitchens  |  Checklist for offices WITHOUT Kitchens) to see how green your office is.  This is optional prior to receiving a walk-through.  The designated Green Office Student Fellow will bring a checklist to the walk-through once scheduled.
  3. Perform a walk-through with a Green Office Program fellow and begin implementing the suggested actions in order to receive or improve your score.


The Minute Riders Program is now being operated by the Green Office Program Fellows. The program offers student-led, bike-powered compost pickup services available to Green Offices on campus. We will assist offices that have kitchens or break rooms in collecting their own composting by providing counter-top compost bins and liners, and student Green Office Fellows assigned to your Green Office will use pedal power to collect it bi-weekly. To enroll in the program, please contact the Campus Sustainability Manager at 545-0799.


The following links are resources for greening your office.
Please download them and print only as needed.
Debunking Myths Guide
Break Email Template
Break and Holiday Checklist
Changing Power Options
Eco-Leader Email Template
End-of-the-Day Checklist
Light Switch Reminder
Reducing Paper Margins
Sustainable Lighting
Innovation Credit Info Sheet
One Sided Paper Box Label