Eco-Rep Program

Eco-Rep Program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

The UMass Amherst Eco-Rep Program is focused on working toward environmental literacy and leadership both within the program and on the campus at large. This is an academic course open to students of all interests and education levels; it is especially encouraged to those who wish to gain or expand their knowledge in sustainability and environmental literacy. Eco-Reps build a foundational knowledge surrounding issues of sustainability and explore how best to raise awareness about these issues amongst their peers. Focusing on the role and impact of the individual, Eco-Reps work to promote environmentally responsible behavior in the campus community.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Eco-Rep Program is to foster environmental literacy within the campus community and translate that new understanding into more sustainable behavior.

Want to Join?

Search SPIRE for Environmental Science 197D on in the fall semester, or Environmental Science 297F in the spring semester to register for Eco-Rep!

If you have any questions, contact Eco-Rep Program Manager at


Meet the Fall 2018 Team!


Program Manager


Kaleigh Keohane

My name is Kaleigh Keohane and I’m the program manager this year! I’m currently a senior majoring in Journalism and Natural Resource Conservation. I am from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. My hobbies include bird-watching, cooking, and rock climbing. Before this year, I was a facilitator for four semesters. I first took Eco-Rep as a freshman and loved the small discussions. They gave me a voice and a place to talk about issues I was passionate about and meet like-minded (and non like-minded!) individuals from every background. Each week I felt like I was learning something new. The unique opportunity of doing outreaches across campus also made me feel like I was making a real impact on the community. Eco-Rep has helped me grow so much throughout college and I would recommend this course to everyone!




David Oliver

Hi my name is David Oliver and this will be my first semester as an Eco-Rep facilitator.  I am a sophomore Resource Economics major and one day I hope to be a Certified Public Accountant.  I’m from Reading, MA. I took Eco-Rep last semester initially for some extra credits, but I really fell in love with it over the course of the semester.  Coming together with people to share ideas about sustainability and hearing what other people have to say is therapeutic and has helped to develop my own ideas regarding sustainability.  My goal is to gain experience in speaking in front of a group of people. I’m really looking forward to this semester!

Meghan Sawtelle

Hi! My name is Meghan, and I’m a Junior studying Sustainable Food and Farming. I grew up in the area and have always been fascinated by the intricacies involved in the ecosystems of New England. I began my career at UMass as an Environmental Science major, but became frustrated with the messages being relayed in my classes. Many of them highlighted everything that was going wrong with the world, never giving me any inspiration on how to go about reversing the damage. Eco-Rep was an exception, giving me a safe space to brainstorm solutions with peers. Coupled with Sustainable Food and Farming, I finally feel as though my actions matter and I will make a positive difference in the world. I’m looking forward to continue educating the public of the enormous possibilities that regenerative agriculture presents us. These programs gave me a voice.

Isabelle Laushine

Hi! My name is Isabelle. I am a senior environmental science major with a minor in natural resource conservation. I am originally from Westford, MA. I love hiking and being outdoors. I spent my past two summers working in Yellowstone National Park and exploring the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Last spring, I studied wildlife management in Tanzania with School for Field Studies. I joined Eco Rep because I liked that it was a small discussion based class. I hope to learn more about sustainability from my students and also provide them with a safe space to speak openly about their opinions and beliefs. 

Nick Groblewski

Hi! My name is Nick, and I am a junior Economics and Political Science major here at UMass. This is my first semester facilitating an Eco-Rep course and I couldn't be more excited to get involved in such a meaningful program.

When I am not in the classroom or the library, I am usually out hiking, running, or playing chess at Iconica in Northampton. One of my favorite parts of going to UMass is the fact that there are so many great trails so close to campus!

I first took Eco-Rep last year, and really enjoyed learning about sustainability and ways to reduce my own impact that I decided it would be really awesome to get even more involved. Living sustainable to me is a very important aspect of my life, and I hope that everyone who takes Eco-rep will learn some new way to be sustainable!


Clara Silverstein

I’m Clara, a sophomore political science major and I’ll be facilitating Eco-Rep in Dwight Hall this semester! I’m from Marlborough, MA and I spent my summer working at a camp in NY state. On campus, I’m involved with the Outing Club (rock climbing, hiking, cross country skiing) and SGA Sustainability. I’ve also been helping with Rack City Thrift, UMass’ student run pop up thrift store. I can’t wait to get to know everyone and learn about what other people are doing for sustainability on campus!

Jonathan Haarstick

My name is Jonathan Haarstick and it is my first semester facilitating! I am a junior marketing major focusing on sustainable business practices. I am currently working on a natural resource conservation minor. Outside of class I am involved with Sustainability Projects Abroad (SPA), a club on campus. This semester I have gained a leadership role in SPA by becoming the Head of Marketing. SPA has allowed me to make some amazing connections and be a part of larger movements on campus. Without Eco-Reps I don’t think I would be involved on campus in the ways I am now. During my sophomore year I knew that I wanted to take some environmental courses. I signed up for Eco-Rep in the Fall hoping I would get something out of it. My first semester introduced me to new organizations on campus and got me to think in a different way. I wanted to make sustainability fit into my own life. I loved the class and took it again in the Spring. Once I took two semesters I realized that I wanted to facilitate the course. Through facilitating I hope to get people excited about sustainability. I hope that I can get my students to be more informed and involved through my efforts and the program. Outside of UMass I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, and listening to live music.

Jackie Williams 

Hi! I’m Jackie and I’m from Northborough, Massachusetts. I’m majoring in Natural Resources Conservation and Communications. In my free time I enjoy exploring the local area and finding new spots to hang out, study, and eat. I also love spending time in nature, whether that be hiking or just taking a walk to look around. I decided to enroll in Eco-Rep because I am passionate about sustainability and being able to learn and talk about it with a small group of people who are also interested really appealed to me. As a facilitator, I am looking forward to continue learning from my peers as well as passing on my own knowledge!