2021 Solar Projects

Solar Canopy Parking in Lot 22

In 2021 UMass added to the existing solar canopy and battery storage on campus with two more large scale parking canopy systems on Lots 22 off University Drive and 49 in the Orchard Hill Residential Area.  The projects were completed in early 2022.  They are expected to generate an additional 4.5 million kWh of solar power behind the meter to the campus electrical grid and it includes a Tesla battery storage system at Lot 22 that will allow the university to decide when to use the electricity and will save the university up to $500,000 a year.  

The project includes 20 new charging spaces for electric vehicles and is being financially structured as a power-purchase agreement (PPA) between the university and Con Edison Solutions.  UMass is committed to purchasing electricity from Con Edison at a contractual rate per kilowatt for the next 20 years.  A $1.1 million grant from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) was awarded to UMass and will offset much of the cost of the power-purchase agreement.

UMass is now expected to generate over 10 million kWh annually (equivalent to over 1,400 homes in MA) of on-site renewable electricity campus-wide which will be completely used for the campus operations.

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