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Where will the UMass Sunwheel be Built?
  In order for a Sunwheel to be most  useful, it is necessary for the site to be in an  ACCESSIBLE OPEN AREA, far from buildings  and trees, where there is an especially  clear view of the eastern and western  horizons. The Campus Physical Planning  Committee of the Faculty Senate  VOTED UNANIMOUSLY (on Oct. 17, 1995) to approve the  construction of a Sunwheel on the South  end of campus, in an empty  field near the football stadium, between Stadium  Drive and Rocky Hill Road.

The location  was selected because of the good views  offered of the eastern and western  horizons.


To see photographs taken at the Sunwheel site from 1997- 1999, click here.

 Sunwheel Site Click to see a picure of the Sunwheel site in 1996.
 Sunwheel Sign And the work begins...
 Sunwheel Sign The site with marker stones highlighted...
 Campus map The Sunwheel's location in relation to the rest of the campus...

  A project conceived by Professor Judith S. Young
 Department of Astronomy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
 e-mail: Steve Schneider

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