The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sustainability Scholarship

This summer, UMass Amherst will offer Sustainability Scholarships to any high school student who participated in the March 15th, Youth Climate Strike.

 In recognition for the leadership by students like Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, UMass Amherst invites Youth Climate Strike organizers and participants to attend the Pre-College summer course -- A Sustainable Planet: Legal and Ethical Issues led by Jennifer Merton, Attorney and Senior Lecturer from the Isenberg School of Management

A Sustainable Planet: Legal and Ehtical Issues

This two-week intensive explores major environmental challenges facing society today, including climate change, water issues, waste, and pollution. Students will earn college credit that may be used toward high school completion, future college or perhaps both. This $500 merit award is available to any high school student who was inspired by the Massachusetts Youth Climate Strike. UMass Amherst holds a deep commitment to sustainable practices and wishes to honor and encourage these young activists who seek lead a new generation.

Any questions or other inquiries may be directed to or give us a call at 413-577-2112.

How to apply for the Sustainability Scholarship.

Students who are interested in the Sustainability Scholarship for the Sustainable Planet seminar should follow the regular application for the Pre-College program, including the transcripts and letters of recommendation:

Apply Now

In their written statement of interest, however, students should describe how the experience of the Youth Climate Strike and the global youth climate movement has shaped her or his interest in the legal and ethical issues around sustainability. (Students who are sceptical of the global youth climate movement are also invited to apply and should write an essay from that perspective.) Applications will be read on a rolling basis and space is limited.