The University of Massachusetts Amherst

How Business Works

Date: July 5 - July 18, 2020

Program length: 2 weeks

Have you ever wondered how business works? How businesses make decisions ranging from what new markets to enter, to how big should a new factory be? What the different activities are that happen inside a company (e.g., management, marketing, accounting, finance), and how they are coordinated in order to be successful? This course provides the framework for all future business courses. It is a broad-based introductory course designed to give you exploratory experiences in all aspects of business. It will acquaint you with the dynamic business world of the 21st century. Economics, management, globalization, startups, marketing, finance, accounting, operations, and careers in business will be included. The use of technology and its impact on business will also be stressed.

You will:

  • Consider the ethical and social responsibility issues involved in the current business environment
  • Evaluate the global economy and its impact on U.S. economy
  • Identify and define the functions of and challenges facing management
  • Describe the responsibilities and significance of human resource management
  • Explain the basic accounting process
  • Outline the marketing function and describe its significance
  • Describe the United States’ financial and investment systems and their role in business