The University of Massachusetts Amherst

UMass Jump!

If you plan to attend UMass Amherst in fall of 2019 as a first-year student, we invite you to get a Jump! on your college career this summer. 
UMass Jump! is a 4-week program designed to give you a head start on your credits (and social life) while getting to know the UMass Amherst campus and the surrounding Pioneer Valley. 
UMass Jump! participants will: 
   •     Earn 5 credits toward graduation requirements
   •     Take a 4-credit Gen Ed class
   •     Take a 1-credit Student Success seminar
   •     Learn about campus resources, meet faculty and representatives from student organizations
   •     Make new friends and enjoy fun co-curriculars throughout the Amherst area
  • Academic Content

    UMass Jump! students will take one general education requirement course worth 4 credits while on campus. Student will also participate in a weekly Student Success seminar worth 1 credit.
    2019 Course Options:
       •     Education and Film: Educ 167 (Gen Ed SBDU)
       •     Social Problems: Soc 103 (Gen Ed SBDU)
       •     Black History: AfroAm 133 (Gen Ed DUHS)
       •     Hunger in the Global Economy: ResEcon 121 (Gen Ed SBDG)
       •     Ideas That Change the World: Honors 201H (Gen Ed IDU)
    Student Success Seminar: SOCIOL 192D
    Entering college can be an overwhelming experience for many young people. While studying, working and getting good grades are critical components to the collegiate experience, there are other fundamentals (e.g. awareness of campus resources, how to build positive and respectful relationships campus wide, navigating the university) that if understood and embraced, supports a positive and successful transition into the UMASS community and college life overall. This course is designed to help incoming freshman create healthy lives for themselves at UMASS and more specifically, understand the requirements, expectations, resources, and benefits of the collegiate experience.

    Instructor: Kelly Giles, Department of Sociology
    Academic English for University Success
    Required for international students whose first language is not English. This special topics course is designed to support the development of Academic English as students begin their university experience. The course employs task-based learning, whereby students practice tasks that incorporate speaking for university success, academic vocabulary, strategies for reading university level materials, and writing related to academic interests. The course also introduces American academic culture to help students transition smoothly into a successful freshman year.
    Academic English for University Success: ESL 197 – 1 credit

    Students who enroll in the Jump! class cannot join the RAP that includes the same course:

    Jump! class


    Education 167

    Exploring Society RAP in Thoreau Hall, Southwest Residential Area

    Sociology 103

    Exploring Society RAP in Webster Hall, Orchard Hill Residential Area

    Resource Economics 121

    Cultural Exploration RAP in Wheeler Hall, Central Residential Area

    Honors 201H

    ANY of the Contemporary Topics Honors RAPs


  • Daily Life

    UMass Jump! classes run from 9am – 12pm Monday – Friday, with plenty of free time built in for homework and enjoying summer in the Pioneer Valley. A typical day might look like this: 
    9am – 12pm: Gen Ed Class
    12pm – 1pm: Lunch 
    1 – 3:30pm: Academic Success Seminar (one session per week)
    3:30 – 5:30pm: free time
    5:30 – 7pm: dinner
    7pm and later: study sessions and academic support for classes, evening lectures, group activities
    Afternoons are a great time to visit the world-class Rec Center, walk into downtown Amherst (consistently ranked as one of the country’s premier college towns), or work on homework at the W.E.B. DuBois Library. We will also be utilizing our beautiful location in the Pioneer Valley to plan trips for some of these sunny afternoons.
  • Co-Curriculars

    Courses and free time will be supplemented by exciting co-curricular activities.
    Events might include:
       •     guest lectures from distinguished faculty and staffoutdoor adventure-based community building
       •     presentations from the Student Government Association and various Registered Student Organizations about campus life and employment opportunities
       •     panel discussions with undergraduate and graduate students
       •     visits to local museums such as Mass MoCA
       •     field trips to destinations such as Boston and Six Flags New England