Who is Your Student Success Team?

Your Student Success Team is a diverse group of dedicated people invested in your academic progress and overall well-being. It may include:

  • Academic Advisors: Your academic advisor serves as a crucial guide, assisting you with course selection, major exploration, and academic planning.
  • Instructors and Professors: Your instructors are experts in their fields and valuable resources for clarifying course concepts and deepening your understanding. Don't hesitate to attend office hours and seek guidance.
  • Tutors: UMass Amherst offers tutoring services to provide additional support and personalized instruction in various subjects.
  • Peer Mentors: Peer Mentors are students who can provide invaluable insights and guidance based on their own experiences.
  • Resident Assistants (RAs): RAs are student leaders who create a supportive and inclusive environment within your residence hall. They can be a source of practical advice and campus knowledge.
  • Supervisors: For students engaged in on-campus employment, supervisors can offer mentorship and guidance beyond just work-related tasks.
  • Campus Support Staff: A variety of staff across campus departments, such as career counselors, financial aid advisors, and mental health professionals, are also part of your support network.

Building Strong Connections:

Just like any successful team, communication and collaboration are key. Here are some tips for building strong connections with your Student Success Team:

  • Set Clear Goals: Schedule regular meetings with your advisor to discuss your academic goals and progress. Communicate your aspirations clearly.
  • Proactive Communication: Don't hesitate to reach out to professors, tutors, or RAs with questions or concerns. The earlier you seek help, the better.
  • Network on Campus: Attend workshops, information sessions, and student organization events to connect with various members of your Student Success Team.

By actively engaging with your Student Success Team, you'll create a supportive network that empowers you to achieve your academic goals and thrive at UMass Amherst.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started with Academic Advising

Get started with Academic Advising

Academic Advisors are your guide to success through graduation. They assist with:  

  • Adjusting to college life 
  • Choosing courses 
  • Selecting a major  
  • Connecting with campus resources 
  • Setting goals and strategizing