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Explore On-Campus Employment Options
Look at the Student Employment page, where you’ll find the Jobs Board, a Student Employment FAQ, and Community Services and Work Study information. The Jobs Board is where you’ll find all listed positions. Dig in and explore until you discover something you’d like to apply for. Try to find something that’ll fit with your personality and long-term goals.

Follow Application Directions
When you find a position that interests you, follow the directions on the posting. If the directions say to reach out to the employer via email, do that. If they ask for a resume, send one in. (For help formatting a resume, go here.) Following directions and being professional with your communications helps make you a strong candidate.

Be Prepared for Your Interview
If you’re contacted for an interview, your chances of being hired increase if you’re prepared. Double-check when and where your interview will occur, and be on time. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately. (This can be tough to gauge, but generally, it helps to dress a notch or two more formally than you typically do.) Before your interview, practice saying out loud why you want the job and why you’d be a great fit.

Follow Up with a Thank You Note
Sending a thank you note goes a long way. In addition to showing you’re courteous, it shows you’re serious about the job. Please send a note via email to anyone who interviewed you, letting them know you appreciate their time and hope to hear back.

 Show Your Enthusiasm
If you’re interested in a position, show enthusiasm throughout the process. Employers love to hire people who are excited to work for them. You can show enthusiasm by being attentive to details, preparing well for your interview, and following up with a kind and sincere thank you note.  

If you’ve successfully searched for an on-campus job before, what advice would you give to other students? Please write to us and let us know.

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