Mindfulness Institute for Emerging Adults (MIEA).

Mindfulness Institute for Emerging Adults (MIEA) offers an introduction to mindfulness in everyday life.

MIEA Course: In this free, four-session course designed for college students, you will learn about various mindfulness practices. Many students find it helps them build the habit of using it in their lives on a regular basis and offers an approach for finding greater satisfaction in daily life as well as a sense of community.

MIEA Half-Day Retreat: In this free, half-day silent meditation retreat designed for undergraduate college students, you will learn mindfulness practices, including various meditation techniques. Whether you are new to mindfulness or already have some experience, this retreat is designed to be useful to all undergraduate students.

The MIEA courses and retreats are currently full. Please check back next semester for information about upcoming opportunities.

If you are interested in other mindfulness opportunities, check out the UMass Mindfulness page.