Social Bubbles: A Public Health Social Strategy

We are a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and so more likely than not, you’ve heard someone talk about their ‘bubble’ at some point over the last eleven months. A bubble is an unofficial term used to describe your group—maybe your household, your close friends, your suitemates—those you feel comfortable spending time with amidst the pandemic because you know they are taking the same precautions you are. Your bubble is your safer space in a world where even small group gatherings can have a big public health risk. 

For some of you, forming a bubble likely happened naturally. Over the weeks and months of distancing, you gradually lowered your guard with those closest to you because you saw how safe those friends were being out in the world and so it felt safe to be with them. For others, bubbling up is a goal to get to, and maybe you need a little help in getting there. Now that you’re spending your first semester on campus with a new community, it’s time again to think about who you interact with, and how you can help keep each other safer. 

We're here to help you understand the benefits of bubbling up, the best strategies for creating shared agreements amongst your bubble, and what to do when somebody bursts your bubble. Use these resources to find out more and bubble up at UMass!