Transfer of Funds Request Form

A Transfer of Funds Request Form is used to move a portion of your group’s balance to another group or department for the purpose of supporting an event or program. When a Transfer of Funds is processed, funds will be taken from your account and placed into the account of the recipient to spend as agreed upon. 


  • Your RSO/GSO wants to help pay for a speaker that another RSO/GSO or department is bringing in for an event. 

Transfer Funds Info:

  • Fee funds cannot be moved to a revenue account (and vice versa.)
  • The Transfer of Funds Request Form must be submitted by the group giving up the funds, since authorization is needed. 
  • The “Purpose of the Transfer” field should contain a detailed explanation outlining why the funds are being moved. For example, name and date of the event the funds are intended to support.
  • If a campus department is giving your RSO/GSO funds to support your event or activity, a member of the Business Center staff will need to work directly with the department to complete the transaction. In this case, send an email to both Krista B. Wilson at and Kamran Vahdat at in the Business Center to explain what commitment has been made and the contact information of the person you have been dealing with in the department. 
  • Once the transfer of funds transaction has been processed the requestor will receive notification via Campus Pulse and a message will be noted “on the wall” for that individual form.

Do NOT use this form to:

  • Pay another student group for goods or services received. For example, do not use the expense transfer form to pay Campus Design and Copy for copies. Instead, use a Purchase Request form. 
  • Receive payment from another RSO/GSO or department for a service that your RSO/GSO has provided. For example, if your RSO/GSO provided security for another RSO/GSO’s event. Instead, see your account specialist.
  • Move funds between your revenue fund and fee fund. Work with your advisor or account specialist to see if there is another way to make adjustments between your two accounts.