Purchase Requests

The Purchase Request Form is used to place an order for most purchases of goods and services from off-campus vendors, student businesses, other RSOs, and certain on-campus departments.

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  • Your RSO/GSO wants to rent a tent and chairs from an off-campus vendor.
  • Your RSO/GSO wants to use one of the student businesses to cater your meeting.
  • Your RSO/GSO wants to pay for another RSO to perform at an event your RSO is organizing.
  • Your RSO/GSO is using the university’s Print Services department to print brochures about your group.

The Purchase Request Process:

  • Initiate your Purchase Request by submitting the form on Campus Pulse.
  • A quote is needed from the vendor to document pricing.
  • All vendors must be registered with the University.  Vendors not already registered must participate in a process to be added, which takes additional time to process.  The Business Center will need the vendor name and a company email address to start the registration process.
  • A vendor will not be paid until after your RSO has received the goods or services, and an invoice is submitted to the Business Center by your RSO/GSO. 
  • Once your purchase order has been processed, the requestor will receive notification that it has been completed along with the purchase order number via Campus Pulse. A message will be noted “on the wall” for that individual form.
  • Once an invoice is received, it takes, on-average, about 30 days for the vendor to receive payment.