Student Engagement & Leadership

Student Engagement & Leadership cultivates student learning by providing opportunities for leadership, recreation, connection and engagement in and beyond UMass. These opportunities promote a sense of pride, empowering students to take ownership of their UMass experience in accordance with their values and beliefs.

Involvement is hands-on, whether it is running a meeting, playing a sport, planning an event, or attending a political rally. Student Engagement & Leadership is fueled by student energy. By participating in one of hundreds of student groups, you will increase your organizational and team building skills while enjoying opportunities for friendship, leadership, and community service. You will expand your views of humanity and the world we all share.

Come explore the many opportunities waiting for you by stopping the Student Union, emailing us, or by browsing Campus Pulse. We can’t wait to meet you!

CSB Graduate Assistantantship Opportunity (Application Deadline June 16, 2024) Link to application