Center for Student Businesses

(The names of the seven student businesses - Bike Coop, Campus Design and Copy, Earthfoods, Greeno Sub Shop, People's Market, Sweets and More, and Sylvan Snack Bar, surrounding a circle with the words Center for Student Businesses and a graphic of three silhouetted people with a handshake in front)

The Center for Student Businesses provides training, support and advocacy to our student-run cooperative businesses.

The Center for Student Business has existed since 1975 to support the community of seven student run, cooperative businesses on the UMass Amherst campus.  We provide co-curricular training and education in financial management, cooperative administration, and organizational development.  We provide fiscal oversight and act as advocates for the businesses within the university structure.  This is a unique program that employs approximately 125 undergraduate students and helps them to build invaluable business and life skills.

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