Arts and Media Agencies

Daily Collegian

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian has been part of the UMass Amherst campus since 1890 and is currently New England’s largest college daily newspaper. Students participate in every aspect of newspaper production from writing, editing, advertising, marketing, and more.

Student Union Art Gallery

The Student Union Art Gallery is entirely student-run and hosts a packed schedule of diverse exhibits and events for over 8,000 visitors a year.

Student Union Craft Center

The Student Union Craft Center is an educational service and crafts supply store, providing instructional crafts programs to enrich student life on campus.  

University Programming Council

The University Programming Council (UPC) provides the finest entertainment to UMass, booking the best productions and events.


UVC-TV 19 is UMass Amherst's student-run TV station. It serves as a video production training facility, providing undergraduate students with a welcoming learning environment.

WMUA Radio Station

The WMUA Radio Station serves as a training facility in all facets of management and operations of a non-profit radio station, promoting undergraduate student empowerment.