Get Involved!

To promote and support safer socialization on campus, UMass is offering an optional bubble system for on-campus students during the spring 2021 on-campus housing period. A bubble is a group of up to five students who reside in a residence hall on campus, who agree to interact as a “family” and exercise strict physical distancing and face covering usage with those outside their bubble.

Starting on February 25, students who are interested in forming a bubble, or learning more about bubbles are invited to complete and submit this online form.

It is useful, but not necessary, for you to know who your bubble mates will be before submitting an interest form. If you’re interested in joining a bubble, but haven’t met the right bubble mates yet, please send us your interest form. Residence hall staff and others in Student Affairs can help and support you in that process – and they want to know!

If you’re already part of an on-campus bubble, or you’ve begun discussing forming a bubble with some of your friends, submit your interest form and include their names. Invite each of them to submit their own interest form too, and encourage them to include everyone else’s names.

After submitting a Bubble Interest Form, a Student Affairs & Campus Life staff member will invite you and your potential bubble mates to a group Zoom meeting, along with other students interested in forming a bubble. The meeting is an opportunity to discuss forming and being in a bubble, answer your questions, and review a sample Bubble Agreement.