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UMass Engage Amherst Together

Amherst TogetherAmherst Together

View this June 2015 survey of Amherst area residents, including students, businesses, and community members of all ages. 

UMass Engage Amherst Together  

Gazette article about the survey

Presentations from Student Affairs Leaders and Directors (SALAD)

Student Success Update – Eric Moschella, Associate Provost for Student Success, January 11, 2018

Vice Chancellor's fall welcome and overview – Enku Gelaye, September 21, 2017

UMass Amherst Campus Climate Report, SACL Annual Report TemplateGraduate Assistant Training and Orientation – Jason Incorvati, Associate Director Campus Recreation, May 18, 2017

Tour of MinuteFund website, Students Making Funding Decisions for Students (A Love Story), First Career Fields, Getting A Job Today – April 6, 2017

International Coffee Hour Series 2017 and On-Campus Resources for International Students, Living Sustainably at UMass, Financial Wellness – March 2, 2017

It's Not About The Nail video;  Innovative website track homophobia on Twitter;  John Gottman-The Four Horsemen: The Antidotes; How the Platinum Rule Trumps the Golden Rule Every Time; Chancellor's Committment to Protecting the Rights of Immigrant Students;  Center for Counseling and Psychological Health Groups and Workshops; Student Life Single Stop Resources – February 2, 2017

Achieving the Immersive Residential Experience: Adopting a Residential Curriculum Approach at UMass Amherst – Residential Education, November 2016

UMass Amherst GuidanceResources Orientation for Supervisors, ComPsych Guidance Resources Flyer, ComPsych Elder Care Planning, Moving Guidance Resources, Growing Family Guidance Resources – November 2016

Diversity in Our Past: Students of Color at Massachusetts Agricultural College – Rob Cox, UMass Archives and Special Collections, October 2016

10 Things to Know About The First Amendment – Corey Carvalho and Sara Littlecrow Russell, September 2016

Common Read 2016 – Anjali Cadena, Assistant Director, Residential Life Learning Communities, June 2016

Sample of New Billing Format and Tuition Retention Information – Kelly Gray, Associate Dean of Students, June 2016

SACL Bias Response and Prevention – Jean Ahlstrand MacKimmie, Shelly Perdomo, Sonya Satinsky, David Vaillancourt,  May 2016

Higher Un-Learning: A Discussion About Men and Masculinity – Jeff Perera, April 2016

SALAD Budget Information Session - Andrew P. Mangels, Interim Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance, April 2016

The First Generation Student: Barriers and Strategies for Success – Oscar Collins, Interim Co-Director, CMASS. Adapted from a presentation by Melissa Selby-Theut, MSW, Director of Educational Support, March 2016

International Travel Risk Policies – Jack Ahern, Vice Provost for International Programs and Chair, International Risk Management Committee, March 2016

UMass Calls and CEPA - Community Engagement, Leadership Development and Social Change – Koni Denham and Boone Shear, February 2016

College Students with Non-Binary Sexual or Gender Identities – Genny Beemyn, Director, Stonewall Center, February 2016
Additional materials:  LGBTQ+ Terms Paperclip Glossary, 2015  AAU Campus Climate Survey

Shared Governance - The Wellman Document – Student Legal Services Office, January 2016

SACL Division Workshop on Campus and Community: Alcohol and Other Drug Efforts – Center for Health Promotion, December 2015

Introducing Campus Recreation – Campus Recreation, September 2015

Undergraduate Profile:  Financial Issues & Concerns – SACL Director of Assessment, September 2015

Creating a Trauma Informed Culture and Online Course Overview – Center for Women and Community, April 2015

SACL Matrixed HR and Financial Services Phase 1 – SACL Matrix Committee, March 2015

Overview of National Scholarships – Office of National Scholarship Advisement, March 2015

Internal Communications 101 – SACL Communications Office

Motivational Interviewing: Definition, Principles, Approach  – Center for Health Promotion, October 2013

Alcohol Survey Data – Center For Health Promotion, October 2013

Student Life Survey Aggregate Findings 2013  – Office of SACL Assessment, April 2013

Thinking Inside The Box: Logic Models and Program Success – Dean of Students Office, February 2013

Net Generation Students: Why They Are Different and Teaching Strategies That Help Them Succeed – College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, April 2012