Presentations and Data Reports

Presentations from Student Affairs Leaders and Directors (SALAD)

Student Retention: Why do they go and how can we make them stay? – Krisztina Filep, Office of Institutional Research, March 8, 2018

Taking Our NEASC Data to the Next Level – Marcy Roe Clark, Interim Director of Assessment and Student Transitions, March 8, 2018

Campus Climate Working Group Update – Shelly A. Perdomo-Ahmed, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advocacy, Inclusion and Support Programs, March 8, 2018

Student Success Update – Eric Moschella, Associate Provost for Student Success, January 11, 2018

Vice Chancellor's fall welcome and overview – Enku Gelaye, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs and Campus Life, September 21, 2017

UMass Amherst Campus Climate Report, SACL Annual Report TemplateGraduate Assistant Training and Orientation – Jason Incorvati, Associate Director Campus Recreation, May 18, 2017

Tour of MinuteFund website, Students Making Funding Decisions for Students (A Love Story), First Career Fields, Getting A Job Today – April 6, 2017

International Coffee Hour Series 2017 and On-Campus Resources for International Students, Living Sustainably at UMass, Financial Wellness – March 2, 2017

It's Not About The Nail video;  Innovative website track homophobia on Twitter;  John Gottman-The Four Horsemen: The Antidotes; How the Platinum Rule Trumps the Golden Rule Every Time; Chancellor's Committment to Protecting the Rights of Immigrant Students;  Center for Counseling and Psychological Health Groups and Workshops; Student Life Single Stop Resources – February 2, 2017

Achieving the Immersive Residential Experience: Adopting a Residential Curriculum Approach at UMass Amherst – Residential Education, November 2016

Diversity in Our Past: Students of Color at Massachusetts Agricultural College – Rob Cox, UMass Archives and Special Collections, October 2016

10 Things to Know About The First Amendment – Corey Carvalho and Sara Littlecrow Russell, September 2016

Common Read 2016 – Anjali Cadena, Assistant Director, Residential Life Learning Communities, June 2016

Sample of New Billing Format and Tuition Retention Information – Kelly Gray, Associate Dean of Students, June 2016

SACL Bias Response and Prevention – Jean Ahlstrand MacKimmie, Shelly Perdomo, Sonya Satinsky, David Vaillancourt, May 2016

Higher Un-Learning: A Discussion About Men and Masculinity – Jeff Perera, April 2016

SALAD Budget Information Session – Andrew P. Mangels, Interim Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance, April 2016

The First Generation Student: Barriers and Strategies for Success – Oscar Collins, Interim Co-Director, CMASS. Adapted from a presentation by Melissa Selby-Theut, MSW, Director of Educational Support, March 2016

International Travel Risk Policies – Jack Ahern, Vice Provost for International Programs and Chair, International Risk Management Committee, March 2016

UMass Calls and CEPA – Community Engagement, Leadership Development and Social Change &ndash ;Koni Denham and Boone Shear, February 2016

College Students with Non-Binary Sexual or Gender Identities – Genny Beemyn, Director, Stonewall Center, February 2016
Additional materials:  LGBTQ+ Terms Paperclip Glossary, 2015  AAU Campus Climate Survey

Shared Governance - The Wellman Document – Student Legal Services Office, January 2016

SACL Division Workshop on Campus and Community: Alcohol and Other Drug Efforts – Center for Health Promotion, December 2015

Introducing Campus Recreation – Campus Recreation, September 2015

Undergraduate Profile: Financial Issues & Concerns – SACL Director of Assessment, September 2015

Creating a Trauma Informed Culture and Online Course Overview – Center for Women and Community, April 2015

SACL Matrixed HR and Financial Services Phase 1 – SACL Matrix Committee, March 2015

Overview of National Scholarships – Office of National Scholarship Advisement, March 2015

Internal Communications 101 – SACL Communications Office

Motivational Interviewing: Definition, Principles, Approach – Center for Health Promotion, October 2013

Alcohol Survey Data – Center For Health Promotion, October 2013

Student Life Survey Aggregate Findings 2013  – Office of SACL Assessment, April 2013

Thinking Inside The Box: Logic Models and Program Success – Dean of Students Office, February 2013

Net Generation Students: Why They Are Different and Teaching Strategies That Help Them Succeed – College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, April 2012