SACL Supervisor and Performance Review Resources

A performance review is the annual culmination of regular check-ins and discussions between employees and their supervisors about assigned duties and responsibilities, job performance, and goals for the future.  This review process combines written and oral communication to recognize solid performance, successes and achievements, as well as identify opportunities for development and growth.  

Throughout the year, an on-going performance communication process is essential for promoting personal success and fostering a collaborative work environment. Regular discussions help supervisors gain insight into their employees' strengths, recognize achievements, and evaluate job progress.  The mutual feedback created by these discussions not only aids in the development of professional development and training programs to further expand knowledge and skills, but also creates a reciprocal process and an atmosphere of shared responsibility for the work.

Below are some tools and resources to support SACL supervisors:

Trainings and Professional Development

WLD Trainings and Workshops for Supervisors

Custom Performance Management Workshops

Workplace Learning and Development Performance Management and Evaluation Services

Tools for Performance Review Writing

Performance Management Handbook

Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews

2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews

Resources for Supervisors

WLD Manager and Supervisor Toolkit

Guidelines for Supervisors of PSU/MTA Unit Employees

Handbook for Non-Unit Classified (PDF)

Handbook for Non-Unit Professional Staff (PDF)

Graduate Employee Organization (GEO)

Residential Life Student Staff Personnel Procedures and Protocol for Performance Review

NASPA on Supervision

Ten Questions for Getting to Know Your New Direct Reports Faster

Customer Service

Wallace, K. (2010). 15 principles for complete customer service. Customer Service Manager. 

Forms and Worksheets

Performance Planning Worksheet

Professional Staff Performance Review Form

Classified Employee Performance Evaluation 

If you have questions:

First contact your own manager and/or personnel coordinator in your area. You can also contact Carol Forman in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life at 545-2300.  Residential Life employees: visit the Residential Life Human Resources website