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Staff and Faculty Resources

This resource page is a compendium of campus partners, policies, and offices including resources for active inclusion presentations from Student Affairs Leaders and Directors meetings; and key places and resources for referring students (such as Single Stop Resources, CCPH support groups, and Dean of Students Support Services). We also have resources to support your communications and event promotion, for supervising staff, for professional development, and support for workplace technology.

Thank you for all that you bring to our collective work to create a responsive and caring living and learning environment for our students that advances their retention, graduation, and success beyond college.

Frequently Used Staff and Faculty Resources

Recognizing and Helping Students in Distress

Consultation and Referral

Are you concerned about a student's physical or mental health? Has a student's behavior disrupted your class or caused you to worry about his or her future actions? You may have the opportunity to help a student avoid dangerous situations and obtain help. Talk to your supervisor or department chair, contact the resources below or call the Dean of Students Office. Help is available – for your student and for you.


Follow-up, support & training: