Expense Transfer Request Form

An Expense Transfer Request Form is used to move an expense that has already been transacted from one account to another account.


  • Your RSO/GSO wants to move an expense that has already been charged to your fee account over to your revenue account.

Expense Transfer Info:

  • The expense to be moved must be showing on Summit before this form can be submitted.An upload of the Summit page pointing to the specific expense must be attached to this request. A partial expense can be moved; be sure to indicate the amount to be moved on the transaction line.
  • When moving an expense to an account other than your own, both contact information and approval documentation is needed from the party accepting the expense. The form provides a field for this information.
  • The “Move the Expense From” fields relate to where the expense currently is. The “Move the Expense To” fields relate to where the expense is to be moved to. 
  • Moving an expense from an account will increase the balance of that account, since the result will be less spending on that account. The account to which the expense will be moved to will be reduced by the amount of the transfer, just like what happens when normal spending occurs.
  • Once the expense transfer transaction has been processed, the requestor will receive notification via Campus Pulse and a message will be noted on the "Campus Pulse wall” for that individual form.

Do NOT use this form to:

  • Pay another student group for goods or services received. For example, do not use the expense transfer form to pay Campus Design and Copy for copies. Instead, use a Purchase Request form.  
  • Pay another department on campus. Instead, use the Agreement for Services form, which is made specifically for this purpose. An Agreement for Services form is available at the SORC. 
  • Give funding to another student group or campus department. For example, an RSO/GSO may wish to help pay for a speaker that another RSO/GSO or department is bringing in for an event. Instead, use the Transfer of Funds form.